The Feast Continues

We are continuing our feast of truth from scriptures, later today, maybe even tomorrow. Today's message from The Elijah List website was simply perfect for our sweet feast so I am sharing it first. It is sweet and and delicioius read to ponder. Please click on the link below to read.

In the multitude of reports sharing turmoil, evil, and death, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Quickly a disciple of Christ can forget who they are. One can even forget truth if they aren't faithful to carefully and deliberately feed on truth.

Knowing that many are discouraged, are losing, or have even lost hope, we're doing just that, feeding on truth. We're spending as many days as it takes to fill us up. We are going to be transformed by renewing our minds. We are going to renew our minds by feasting on the truth, God's Word. Many reports are flying around. Not all of them, however, are truth. They may be fact, but truth can change fact. Please join me in this rich feast of truth. Together, let us devour truth. Let's chew and chew and chew. Because sometimes...all of us... need to remember:

God is our Love and Lord.
Elijah List article

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