A Different Sort of How-To

As I searched and brainstormed for new holiday ideas and topics to share, the vast assortment of money-saving ideas stormed to the front. After all, many families are facing the reality of simpler celebrations this year. While possible tips and/or ideas paraded through the thought process of my mind, there was one thought that persisted in screaming loud. It is the same thought that has screamed loud many times while reading popular money-saving suggestions throughout the years. "What if you don't have enough money to do even that!?!"

Now please don't misunderstand, I am not saying that this is the thought I am having about our family situation personally this year. When the thought arrived, it was coming from the perspective of a reader who might be in the midst of financial nothingness wondering if a holiday celebration will happen at all. It was riding on the tails of memories when I was the one screaming it inside. Having been the young wife and mother wondering how, or if, the holidays would happen for our family, the holiday tips and advice found on Abundance this season will be a how-to of a different variety. It is my prayer that they will be practical and helpful to all who visit. Most importantly, that everyone will leave refreshed and encouraged. 

Readers who pop in often know that at Abundance we are giving thanks all the way through to Thanksgiving Day. Today, I am thankful for past experiences that give me something to share. What an amazing thing it is to know that the hard of my yesterdays can become something of hope, help, life, and light to someone else's dark and hard of today. Only God can do this, only He. Yes, I am thankful for He who takes the hard of yesterday and turns it into the light and life of today. Thankful for the Only One who can take the lack of my before and make it Abundance that can be given to others now. Amazing. Amazing Grace. Oh how sweet the sound.

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