Reminding Myself

While looking for a songbook in the music trunk, I came across some books that had been stashed inside. They were some of my favorite books about homeschooling Easyhomeschooling Curriculum, Easyhomeschooling Companion, and Easyhomeschooling Techniques by Lorraine Curry. After skimming through each book, the desire to sit down and read them through completely was strong. "OH yes, I had forgotten that! That is such an encouraging thought! What a tremendous idea! How could I have forgotten?" were the thoughts that flew through my head as I skim read. Other thoughts were "Oh my. I really need to read this more often. Somehow I have to get this inside of me. I do need to be more gentle and loving, more consistent."

As soon as I had put the books down, other books that have encouraged me while homeschooling through the years came to mind. Never Too Early by Doreen Claggett was one such book. I so need to read these books again. The children remaining in Promiseland Academy so need me to read these books again. Somewhere I have a teacher's manual that, if I remember correctly, was invaluable to me when Not of This World and Colonel Redeemed were the age of Giggle and Mighty Man of God. Pages filled with not only practical recommendations for peace within the classroom but encouragement seemed to fall as soothing rain on my young mother's heart those long years ago.

Quickly now the mind races in an attempt to remember and recall other works that were used by God to lead and guide our home as we grew up together. Do not the younger children deserve to be raised by a mother who is just as passionate and determined to create a godly home? The prayer coming from my heart this afternoon is that the fire for this mission of godly homemaking will burn strong and true, never fading out or fizzling but always burning bright. That this Blessed Mama would never lag in zeal and earnest endeavor but be aglow and burning with the Spirit, in the Lord in this ministry God has placed me. (Romans 12:11)

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