Blessing Tree

There's an empty tree at the back of the church sanctuary. It's not a Christmas tree. It's a blessing tree. There are ornaments to drop a note into, maybe money, for a family in church. The family had illness and no insurance. Bills are coming in.The blessing tree is for this family. A sort of encouragement in visible form.

Not wanting to barge in on their blessing time but going to slip in here quietly and share the encouragement our own family recently received. Last February Victorious Man of God joined the family. With this sweet little guy came a pile of bills, large bills. Totally relating to the no insurance situation of the family at church as we don't have any either. Anyway...a few weeks ago, a letter came. It was our encouragement. What did it say? Largest bill in the pile taken care of. One of the hospitals says we no longer owe them anything. AT. ALL.

The letter remains tacked up on our bulletin board. It is our visible encouragement, and visible encouragement goes a LONG way. As we chip our way through the rest of the bill pile, this letter testifies that there is miraculous provision and we. are. loved. Thank You, God most of all for Jesus. Thank You also for the biggest bill gone.

Soaking in Him, the greatest gift, this Christmas,
Abundantly Blessed@ Abundance House

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