What People Really Want and What We Really Need

Words, words, and more words flowing through my heart and mind. So many I long to share. So many left unfinished, not fully formed. When my youngest Victorious Man of God is nursing and I am rocking along in a state of hormonally relaxed bliss, they are perfect, just exactly right, beautiful. At the computer, however, they are nonexistent. Where do they go? Where do those perfect words that fill my heart during the quiet of the nursing hour go? Only God Himself knows.

Today is the eve of Christmas Eve. The last day before Christmas is officially here is this day. This is the day where I get to put everything God the Holy Spirit has been teaching and revealing to me into practice. Today is a day of gingerbread baking, oreo ball dipping, marshmallow creating, chocolate ganache stirring, laundry scattered throughout, and hopefully, before day's end, Christmas nail painting with daughters. It is a day I long to stretch out and make last and last and last and last. I want to be happy, to laugh, to overflow with joy, with grace. But one day for all of that? Oh yes, there are gifts to make and wrap too.

One day? Only one day? What have I done with all of the other days? Oh, those. I rocked a sick baby through several days and nights of them. Then I tried to catch up on the missed sleep from the baby rocking for several more. More than I would have liked were spent trying to stay warm while the most frigid of frigid temps attempted to enter our home. Children were read to. Some numbers were learned. Words were read to me. The house was decorated for Jesus' birthday. And through it all, I have been intentionally focusing on Jesus and revelling in His Grace.

Ready or not, today is the last day before Christmas Eve. If guests are coming to your house, please stroll by for a visit to Life in Grace blog and read the following article.  http://www.lifeingraceblog.com/2013/12/the-anatomy-of-a-guest-room/ This is a yes article. Yes, all who love Jesus could name this as a must read before serving guests during the holy days. The title comes from it.

May we all prepare Him room in our hearts and homes,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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