A Christmas Visit

Good Morning dear friends! I have just come from Susan Branch's blog. Have you been there? It is a delightful place to drop in for tea! All of your senses will be treated. Every time I visit I want to run over here and have a visit with all of you, just like the one I had with Susan. Time spent soaking in the loveliness of home with Susan makes me want to come back to Abundance House, rip everything out, put in all new, and start completely over.

I could. It wouldn't be hard. Writing like a girlfriend chatting about home things over something yummy would be as easy as breathing, but I know that sooner or later the intense, serious side of me would slip in and then where would we be? 42 years of living have well proven that copying someone else rarely works out the way one hopes. So, for now, I'll leave the drapes and other things just the way they are. I'll whisper about the sweetness of Susan's website and blog in your ear instead. This way, you can visit me here and still be blessed by the loveliness and girlfriend fun at her house.

Oh yes! girlfriend fun reminded me. That is why I am talking to you right now! Oh my. Susan Branch is sending out a wonderful Christmas gift to one of her girlfriends. It is a china tea set for 6, pot and everything included, with some delicious homemade almond brittle tucked in. Leave a comment at the end of the post in the link below to be included in the drawing. Even if china tea sets aren't your thing, you might know someone who would love, love, love a gift of one? And the almond brittle...the recipe is in the post. Christmas love is in the air! Here's the link so you don't miss out on the goodies and fun: Christmas Giveaway

After visiting Susan Branch's house and experiencing her gracious hospitality you will find yourself putting the kettle on to make something hot to drink. Music will begin to fill your home and delicious goodies may even show up on your counter. The cute smudge of flour on your cheek and the vintage apron you're wearing will testify that you have been visiting. You will find yourself smiling at the scents wafting through the house as you peek out the window hoping to find a winter world of white dotted with the red of cardinals. It's a possibility anyway. It depends on how long of a visit you get to stay for.

I'm off to put my own kettle on dear readers! It is a white, frosty day perfectly tuned to a tea kettle's cheerful whistle and a warm fire's coziness. And, if you are in our house, Colonel Redeemed's room-cleaning, a major undertaking that will need the bracing strength of Russian tea, many cups I'm sure. Have I ever shared how much I enjoy having children old enough to do their own work? Yes, I do. I surely do. Having children young enough to snuggle with over a good book at the same time is goodness untellable. Is untellable a word? It is here!

Merry Christmas blessings to you and may your tea kettle whistle the happiest of tunes!
Abundantly Blessed

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