Pray Mama, Pray

When attitudes flare and hormones they rage, pray Mama, pray.
When smiles are sweet and behavior a treat, pray Mama, pray.

When teenagers rant and preschoolers rave, pray Mama, pray.
When dogs and kids are best buds and play all the day, pray Mama, pray.

Meltdowns wax hot. Tempers skyrocket. Sometimes there's very little money in the pocket.
No matter what comes.  Never mind what goes. Always pray Mama. For it is God alone who knows.

Old years go. New ones come. The moon rises with the setting of the sun.
Stars run their course. Clouds scuttle by. Every single time God hears a Mama's cry.

So attitudes, hormones, teenagers, and tots all can make a Mama to her knees weary drop.
When all seems awry and oh so very loud, shut yourself in with God. Don't be too proud.

In grey skies or blue, sunshine or rain, God is still God. He knows and understands your deepest pain.
So down to your knees dear mother beloved. God hears you pray and answers you too.

His love knows no bounds. His mercy no limits. Just pray Mama, pray. Every time. Every where.
Pray Mama, pray is your task without fear.  Yes pray Mama, pray. Then pray some more. It never will hurt to pray still the more. Pray Mama, pray.

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