A Poem of Summer and Children

Wow! I knew it had been a long time since we got together. I had no idea it had been this long! We both need a hug after all of this time apart! Our visit today may not be very long. There are three children with lots of energy and one Abundantly Blessed mama to keep an eye on them. Usually there are several sets of eyes keeping watch, but today there is only mine. So...this may be quicker than even I thought.

Before things erupt unexpectedly, yes I can tell it is one of those mornings when this is possible, I want to share a poem about children and summer that has made itself at home in my collection of favorites. It is by Edgar Guest one of my favorite poets of all time. His verses are all down home goodness that bless me with their musical lilt. Reading them aloud is pure delight, almost as sweet as singing. Almost. I pray you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Summer Children
~ Edgar A. Guest ~

I like 'em, in the winter when their cheeks are slightly pale,

I like 'em in the spring time when the March winds blow a gale;

But when summer suns have tanned 'em and they're racing to and fro,

I somehow think the children make the finest sort of show.

When they're brown as little berries and they're bare of foot and head,

And they're on the go each minute where the velvet lawns are spread,

Then their health is at its finest and they never stop to rest,

Oh, it's then I think the children look and are their very best.

We've got to know the winter and we've got to know the spring,

But for children, could I do it, unto summer I would cling;

For I'm happiest when I see 'em, as a wild and merry band

Of healthy, lusty youngsters that the summer sun has tanned.

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