Just in case I have to jet out of here without warning I want to share a link to an article recently read and enjoyed. Every so often there will be an article that makes me consider printing off, passing it out to my older children and/or reading aloud to my younger ones. This is one of those articles. I discovered the article while following a lead from another article by the same author. Both articles shared about discovering and walking in our God-destined purpose. Might as well provide the link to both articles. It would be difficult to choose just one for you to read, and they really do enhance each other. Here the links are: http://joeyletourneau.com/2014/03/14/want-purpose-lose-irrational-measurements/ and http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=14820.

Whoo-eee. This is quite the morning. There are three young children who have just come off of two very full weeks and weekends during which too many out of the ordinary foods and bedtimes have been indulged in. It is high time for this mama to gently re-establish some sort of routine and normalcy, whatever that is. Gently is the key word this morning. Talk about on edge. At least it isn't a hormone driven mama this time. Gotta be thankful for every little blessing folks, whatever form that blessing might take.

Thank you for coming this morning, and thank you for being so loving and patient with us. I have to go now as I am needed to help a certain six-year-old Mighty Man of God find a shirt. He doesn't have any in his shirt drawer at all. Now how can that be? Laundry is mostly done. Hmmm, we may have another clothing mystery on our hands. Said "clothing mysteries" are commonly solved in a miraculous fashion when mama enters the bedroom. Mama enters the room, opens the drawer, and there are shirts where none where mere seconds before! If the drawer doesn't miraculously produce the sought after clothing, a neat pile of freshly laundered clothing often does. At least we hope it is still in a neat pile. Isn't that amazing? I might as well laugh out loud right now. Laughing certainly beats the tempting alternative of opening the door, sticking my head in it, and closing the door repeatedly or the proverbial beating my head against a brick wall! You know, those often suggested methods of coping with motherhood's many adventures. Laughing is way better. It burns more calories too!

Please enjoy the articles the links above lead to. Your house may not be filled with under rested overstimulated children like my house is, but these articles will be a blessing just the same. They are a blessing for all to partake of.

Loving blessings from our house to yours,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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