Running With Trusting Abandon

Following quote featured from full article found on: The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News 
"... During this new season of shining, there'll be nothing more shameful than to be cowardly. Fear and anxiety must no longer be seen simply as some unfortunate personal struggle, but a deadly enemy that is to be ruthlessly dealt with.  

Boldness, generosity, and a carefree heart are Kingdom characteristics to embrace and walk in. Lose all self-preservation instincts that come from an orphan mentality. Walk in the confidence of sons and daughters who know they're being looked after by their Papa. Your best days are ahead of you, if you do."

Johnny Enlow
Johnny and Elizabeth

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An orphan mentality. Something about those words is pricking at my attention. Do I walk in an orphan mentality that tells me to be cautious, careful, and conservative for I am responsible to take care of myself and therefore must be ever watchful of potential threat or danger? Hmmm. Something to consider when spending time in Abba God's presence. I want to be bold, generous, with a carefree heart. I don't want to rely on self-preservation instincts but instead run with the abandon of a fully trusting child. I want to joyfully jump into the loving arms of my God and KIng when He beckons me come. How grateful I am for the opportunity to rid myself of habits and instincts that are contrary to those my Papa looks for in His children. 

A hymn is singing inside of me. It is by C.P. Jones. Please feel free to sing along if you know it: the song goes like this: 

"Deeper, deeper in the love of Jesus daily let me go. 
Higher, higher in the school of wisdom more of grace to know. 

O deeper yet I pray and higher every day and wiser Blessed Lord in thy precious Holy Word. 

Deeper, deeper blessed Holy Spirit take me deeper still. 
Till my life is wholly lost in Jesus and His perfect will. 

Deeper, deeper though it cost hard trials deeper let me go! 
Rooted in the holy love of Jesus let me fruitful grow. 

Deeper, deeper every day in Jesus till all conflict past, 
Finds me conqueror and in His own image perfected at last. 

O deeper yet I pray and higher every day and wiser Blessed Lord in Thy precious Holy Word."

Definitely going to the piano this morning. Have a wondrously blessed day in Jesus my friend! Come to our bench again. We'll have tea and talk until we run out of words. 

Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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