Leaving the Bench

Hi! It is a hot one today: isn't it? Yesterday in the middle of church it dawned on me, why do I talk about meeting at a bench when I am in reality more of a large comfortable, cushy chair or couch sort of girl? Who says it has to be a bench? We can't snuggle up, pull our feet up underneath of us, and talk the afternoon away on a bench. In honor of this revelation of reality we are leaving the bench in the garden and moving on up to the house. In the summer we will probably gather on the porch in the chairs with cushions, but in the winter we're going to snuggle into some oversized chairs, or a couch, and visit as long as our time together allows. How does that sound? Good? We'll still drink our tea, both iced and hot, though. We won't forget our tea.

I need to go get supper started now. I just wanted to let you know that if you haven't been comfortable on our bench, that's okay. We're moving on to something a whole lot comfier. Is that a word? Comfier? More comfy? Whatever, it's going to be softer and bigger. See you soon!

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