But God...In the Day-to-Day

Hey There. You know, I'd like to think that I will allow what is taking place in the world to wake me up out of myself enough to realize how important each moment in today is. Unfortunately I know me. However, I also know God. And I can't help but wonder if perhaps I need to apply some of that "But God..." expectation and trust we talked about earlier to my every day living.

Sure, when the reports of ISIS killing Christians worldwide comes in, I need to remember how Joseph experienced a suddenly moment when he went from prison to being second in command over the entire nation of Egypt. That was a "But God..." moment no doubt. And the Hebrew children surviving the fiery furnace to the extent their clothing didn't even smell like smoke? Definitely a But God situation. Meditating on God's faithfulness to the Hebrew children always encourages me to trust Him in dangerous political times. But what about my every day? What about those moments when there is nothing more dangerous than figuring out how to get done in a single day more than my calendar seems to hold in an entire month? What about then?

Why do I tend to limit the all-knowing, ever-present, all-powerful God to worldwide or national emergencies? Why not open up my ordinary day-to-day life to Him? Why don't I allow Him to be the Lord over challenging potty-training sessions? Why don't I trust Him to intervene in strong-willed mama vs. strong-willed child showdowns? Why not expect Him to rescue me when the waters of marital bliss feel way over my head? Why not? Why not place Him as Lord of all, the extraordinary and the ordinary? Why not, indeed.

Expecting and looking for His deliverance in the day-to-day,
Abundantly Blessed

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