French Toast for Supper

Hey There! The other night was so crazy around here. We ended up having French Toast and eggs for supper. Turns out French Toast was perfect. Chopped walnuts, whipped butter, and a steaming cup of coffee turned plain ole Mr. French Toast into a supper that made me want to at least light some candles, if not the woodstove. The decision to make French Toast for supper may have come about because supper was arriving at breakneck speed, and mama didn't have any meat thawed out, but it ended up being just the out of the ordinary spark needed to turn "oh no!" into a relaxing sigh of "oh yes." By the time supper was over I was ready to curl up in contentment and soak in the perfectness of an evening together.

The French Toast supper made me stop and wonder why I freak out and get all stressed and snarly other times when rushed and unprepared. Why fly about in a frenzy? Why not just make French Toast? or pancakes? or biscuits and gravy? or any other simple yet delicious meal?

When I am fighting the temptation to fear over people being shot for their faith in my country, when children are wild from the weather, when the day just seems a little bit wonky, why not take a deep breath, let it out, and do something I haven't ever done. I might be surprised by how relaxing life can be. I might find it easier to listen to God's still small voice. I might just find that when I listen to His voice, even in something as ordinary as making French Toast for supper, I am set free from the stress.

Thanking God for French Toast,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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