Walking Testimonies

Okay y'all, I'm ready to be more like Jesus in every way possible. What about you? Yes, I said y'all. No, I'm not southern. Well, maybe somewhere deep down inside of me I am. All I know is that when I get to speaking under the influence of God Holy Spirit it isn't unusual for a southern type accent to show up. My children and I have frequently wondered if it could be a form of tongues? Only God knows. Anywho...back to being like Jesus, every day in every way.

I've been reading a blog by Lori Harris. She is one of the authors featured at the Grace at the Table blog. However, she also has her own blog, Lori Harris and this is grace, that quietly slips into my email inbox. Words from this woman's heart are stretching me to resemble Christ more on the inside. It is my prayer the difference shows up on the outside too.

I was reading her biography featured in the about me section of her blog just a few minutes ago when a sentence reached out and grabbed me so tightly that I'm just going to plop right down and spend some quality time with it. I thought maybe you would like to join the two of us - the sentence and I.

"People are walking testimonies of God’s faithfulness to redeem what the locusts have eaten. " Lori Harris

Go ahead, feel free to read the sentence again. Let it soak clear in and hang out a while, if you would like. And to think that the God of the Universe, the One, True Living God Who is Love, allows those of us who have been honored to meet Him to be a part of His redemption process! He, God, allows me to be one of the walking testimonies of His faithfulness!!! Can you get your head around that? Me neither. Amazing. Amazing Grace. Oh how sweet the sound. 

And if you would like to welcome some neighbors to your own table this weekend, here's a link to Lori Harris' post today, with a delicious looking cake recipe included: http://loriharris.me/. Let's all neighbor like Jesus! I think each one of us will find ourselves amazed at what a difference living Jesus in our every day lives will make in our individual neighborhoods. Looking forward to hearing what is going on at your table real soon! Here's a hug until we get together next! Love you! 

 Abundantly Blessed

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