Blowing the Trumpet in Zion!!! A word from the Lord

Good Morning! As I was wide awake in bed praying fervently it came to me that I could no longer remain in bed. I had to get up and send out a notice. I had to "blow the trumpet in Zion sounding alarm on God's holy mountain".

Fear, attempting to disguise itself as pressure, is trying to wreak havoc upon, in, and through the body of Christ. Brothers and sisters in Jesus are being hounded by this sensation of intense pressure as if they are human pressure cookers - without a steam release valve. The message being sent out like a clarion call in the Holy Spirit this morning is this:

Brothers and sisters in the Lord!!! Hear ye! Hear ye! It is no longer you who lives but Christ who lives in you. Christ in you is not under pressure. He is not afraid. He is not lacking. He is not worrying. Therefore, because it is He living in you and not yourselves, any fear, lack, or worry is not of Him, not of you, and is merely attempting to trespass in your life. Do not. I repeat DO NOT give it place. It is not real. THERE IS NO PRESSURE. It is a trick of the enemy. It is false, unauthentic; it only seems real. False Evidence Appearing Real. The enemy is trying to keep you out of your intended position of promise and destiny prepared for you by God. Do not. Again, I repeat. Do not allow yourself to be worried, fearful, or agitated. Christ has overcome the world and deprived it of its power to harm you. Everything is fine because of Jesus. Jesus has already taken care of this. These demonic spirits of pressure and fear are not victorious; they are not real. They are defeated in the name of Jesus. They have been deprived of their power to harm you - unless you give them the power to do so. Do NOT give them the power. I repeat yet again. Do not give them the power.

Go back. Return to the words the Lord has previously given through His Word and the prophets. You will see the provision of God in these words. He has sent His word of preparation by foretelling of this fiery season. The way to defeat the enemy has already been sent forth in multiple declarations. Despise not the words of the prophets. Read the words. Devour them. Eat them. Put them into practice. It matters not how uncomfortable it makes you feel. You are a child of God moved only by what you believe, and you are to believe the Word of God.

Do not determine the level of obedience you will walk in according to how something does or does not make you feel. This is not a life lived by feeling but by Truth. It does not feel "right" to turn the other cheek when our enemy strikes us. It does not "feel" right to defer to the interests of others. It does not "feel" right to love the unlovely, the criminals, those without Jesus. It does not "feel" right to seemingly allow wrong doing to continue, yet God has spoken forth in His word not to defend ourselves, rather we are to leave room for Him to avenge. "Vengeance is Mine. I will repay." He has said. 

Instructions With Promise

Each and every one of God's instructions contain a promise, a reason if you will, why we do not need to live as others who do not have hope through Jesus. During seasons of intensity we would do well to remember these promises and truths. It is when we are fraught with care and anxiety that we most need to recall who we are in Christ and where we stand in HIM. It is He who has made us and not we ourselves. We are HIS people, the sheep of HIS pasture. What would the sheep of God do? Would the sheep of God's pasture be worried about wolves, bears, or the butcher? No? Then this fear, worry, strife, anxiety threatening to strangle me cannot possibly be from God. If it isn't of God I don't want it. So, fear, worry, strife, anxiety, GET OUT OF here in the name of Jesus! You are trespassing against the covenant bought with the blood of Jesus.

Now, what does a worry free person do? What do they say? What does someone who is trusting in the Lord and the power of His might act and talk like? That is what I want to act and talk like. When pressure begins to build, STOP. Stop right there. Don't proceed any further. Regain focus. Allow the truth of God to trigger the release valve within. We may not have a Bible teacher in residence in our homes. There may not be someone knowledgeable in the Word of God present during times of pressure and crisis. At times such as this we must teach ourselves to walk in truth. There is a scripture, Psalm 16:7, that speaks of the heart instructing itself in the night seasons. God Holy Spirit has been sent to teach us, to instruct us in the way of Truth and Righteousness. We are not left helpless having to flounder about while we attempt to figure it out for ourselves.

My most heartfelt prayer this morning, brothers and sisters, is that every one of us stand firm in the Lord and the power of His might. That we remember who we are in Jesus. We remember what Jesus has done for us. We not forget the truth: we are in holy covenant with Almighty God. This covenant was purchased with the blood of Jesus. We are not of this world. When the pressures of this world threaten to overcome us God Himself is our release valve. Let the world do what the world does. Jesus in us has overcome the world and deprived it of its power to harm us. Jesus in us is calm, cool, and collected. Take a deep breath, let is out, and chill. God's got this. It's already taken care of. He already fixed it. Enjoy the green pastures and follow the Great Shepherd. He in us is victorious. Therefore, we are victorious. Victory, blessed blood bought victory.

Tomorrow we are going to tear this apart showing what this looks like practically. Sure, it's easy to have a head knowledge of the scriptures. I can spout off verses for other people's troubles too, but how do I take that knowledge and use it in my own life, for myself? That's where we are heading tomorrow, the nitty gritty of living Jesus.

May Jesus live big in us today,
Abundantly Blessed

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