A Week's Menu Using Planned Leftovers

Planned leftovers. What are those? They are leftovers a cook plans on having leftover at the end of one meal so that they can be incorporated into another meal later on. Here's a week's sample menu using  planned leftovers. No leftovers planned? No problem. These meals can also be prepared with unplanned leftovers that just happen to end up in the fridge together. The meals in the menu are neither gourmet nor complicated. They are all very basic, simple meals. The purpose of this post is to share how a person can cook once and eat twice. Doing so can provide not only a home-cooked meal but also a sense of calm sanity for super busy days.

Monday noon: mac 'n cheese or goulash
Monday Supper: steak, baked potato, and veggie of choice

Tuesday noon: chili
Tuesday Supper: spaghetti and sauce of choice

Wednesday noon: sliced steak and garlic pasta - made with leftover steaks and spaghetti noodles
Wednesday Supper: chili mac using leftover macaroni from Monday noon and chili from Tuesday supper

Thursday noon: Ham 'n Bean soup
Thursday supper:  potato, egg, and cheese scramble using leftover potatoes from Monday supper and leftover shredded cheese from Tuesday noon's chili

Friday noon: roast beef sandwiches and side
Friday supper: Pizza and salad

Saturday noon: turkey tetrazinni using turkey cooked in crockpot day before and any leftover spaghetti noodles
Saturday supper: vegetable noodle beef soup using leftover veggie sides, ham 'n bean soup, and roast beef from earlier meals throughout the week. Can be complemented by adding side sandwiches and/or salad

Obviously, fast food doesn't have to be takeout and/or drive-thru. If even quicker cooked-from-home meals are needed, a half-hour of advance preparation early in the week can set the stage for an entire week's worth of meals that require 10 minute or less to get on the table. We'll chat about that tomorrow.

Gotta go stir that pot of veggie beef and bean noodle soup.
Abundantly Blessed

Note: Sunday is "Fend for Yourself" day at Abundance House so it has not been included in the week's menu.

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