Entering with Thanksgiving and Praise

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name."Psalm 100 : 4

How do we enter the gates and courts of our God? With thanksgiving and praise. Sounds so simple, and it is. Simple, yes. Easy? Each one of us can answer for ourselves. Do we enter the gates and courts of our God in the manner He has instructed in His word, or do we attempt to barge in according to our own ways and customs? Do we know His word, the Bible, well enough to know He has provided instructions for us to follow?

As the seasons change with autumn's warm glow gently sliding into winter's chill  may each of us prepare not only our homes but our hearts as well. May we empty our hearts' closets and chase the dust bunnies out from under the furniture. Just as we purge our earthly dwelling places, let's sort through our hearts. What does God want to stay? What pleases Him? Which attitudes does He approve of? Does this method and/or behavior give Him all of the glory or is it my human attempt to do right? Once everything has been sorted, we can throw out the garbage and listen to God Holy Spirit's leading for rearranging our clean inner dwellings. (our hearts) 

Fall is a time for cleaning out and rearranging every area of our lives: body, soul, spirit. May each one of us enter in with thanksgiving and praise giving thanks to Him and praising His name.

Thanking God for each one of you,
Abundantly Blessed

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