A Joining of Hands

The following post comes to us courtesy of the former A Mother's Rewards blog. A Mother's Rewards has come under the covering of the Abundance House blog and no longer abides on its own. I wish to send a thank you to Abundance House readers for welcoming A Mother's Rewards readers as together we continue this amazing journey of "real" into the "new".


The Time Has Come...

It's not a secret, God has been up to something around here. First I closed the blogs, then here I was back again. Now, A Mother's Rewards is in the process of being moved over to Abundance House. All of the posts from here are now over there. Two blogs are just too much for one woman to keep up with. Life moves on and all of that.

Seriously though, life does move on. God does lead each one of us along new paths. Yesterday is not today. Today is well, today is new. Heard that word anywhere lately? LOL! If I were able to, I would put into words all that God is working within me, but I can't. After a very hard, long season where it seemed as if very little was happening, life is now filled to overflowing. The flood of God's grace is overflowing every part of my life, and His love is spilling up and over the banks. It's a good place this new. New is still hard, really hard. My perspective, however, has drastically changed. No longer am I viewing myself or the situations I am in from my own, personal perspective. Instead they are being seen from the Rock God has placed me on, and let me just say, the view is fine, mighty fine.

God, the Holy Spirit is leading me into a renewed focus on true abundance and what that is, what it looks like, what it really means. All of the small, random pieces are being woven together into a majestic masterpiece of grace that places me in wondering awe. Just as the seemingly unrelated tidbits of truth are being connected into a perfect picture of Him, the One who died for Me, the two blogs, both pieces of my life are being joined into one, fruitful place of Abundance. Even the renaming of Living Large on Less to Abundance House was a part of the new. A part I had yet to see at the time.

What Abundance House will look like in the future I don't know. Even the not knowing is part of the new. Anyone who would like to be a part of this exciting journey of new is more than welcome to come along. You are more than welcome! Just head on over with me to http://abundancehouse.blogspot.com/ and subscribe to free email delivery of posts. There is a link just like the one here. I don't know what the journey will look like, but one thing I do know, God is with us. Now that is Abundance!

Alas, dear readers, it's time to go. Friends are coming over. We're having soup and chocolate cake! Maybe those two statements reveal the reason for this season's end better than any others could. Friends are coming over. When this blog was begun over two years ago, our family was blessed with precious friends. Our friends however were every bit as busy as we were and none of us had time to spend together. All of us knew this and made the most of every second spent together. During the past several months, God has increased our friendships both in real life and online. So much so that there simply isn't time to live this rich life and keep two blogs running. I am a blessed woman of God whose life is filled to overflowing with the love and support of friends and family. A woman of great Abundance. A real woman living the new.

A Mother's Rewards isn't closing its doors. It's moving and receiving a name change, just like a marriage, if you will. Everything it has ever been is still there, along with a whole lot of new. A Mother's Rewards is moving into true Abundance House. Please, please come along and begin your own journey into the real and the new found only through Jesus. Together, we're going deeper in Him than we ever dreamed we could. Abundance House http://abundancehouse.blogspot.com/ is the place. Let's meet up there and experience His grace. Abundant prayers of love and thanksgiving for and to you, Blessed Mama

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