What a Mess!

Hi There! I just got back from a stroll through the blog. I hadn't been through since the merger with A Mother's Rewards. All I can say is what a Mess! There are duplicate posts and typos galore! I am so sorry about this. Please know that I will be doing my best to clean up this mess before too much time has passed. Hopefully, posts that were said to be coming will actually show up and irrelevant postings from A Mother's Rewards removed.

In the meantime, here is a money-saving FREEBIE for those with kiddos ready to learn to read or those whose preschool-early elementary aged little ones would enjoy some fun supplementation.
Reading Lessons can be found at http://readinglessons.com.This website contains EVERYTHING needed to teach a child, or adult, to read. Complete, step by step lesson plans are available online as well as for download and/or to print. Accompanying resources are also included for free printing along with links to other free resources used with lessons. Each week contains daily lessons complete with instructions and resources, ALL FOR FREE. The only drawback that I have found is that some of the pictures used in the extra resources aren’t very friendly looking. For instance, Giggle commented this morning that the dog on the rhyming worksheet looked “rude”. She was right. Since we don’t use this program exclusively, this doesn’t affect our school. I simply don’t use the resources that contain “rude” or unpleasant graphics. Other than that, this website is a teacher/parents dream come true, complete curriculum and manipulative all in one place at no cost. Oh yes, I almost forgot! A number of the lessons also include songs from the Kididdles website. They are children’s classics used to enhance various lessons throughout the program. Lyric sheets and listening links are included.

Another freebie for learning to read is the two week free trial found at http://readingeggs.com. Giggle adores this one. A lot can be accomplished in two weeks. Not only that, Reading Eggs will extend your free trial an extra two weeks for every friend you recommend who signs up for their own free trial. Best of all, no credit card is needed to sign up for the free trial! How good is that? Reading Eggs is a really fun way to learn to read AND learn computer navigating skills like click and drag. Our mouse is a bit large for Giggle’s hand. An Ipad type device would make using this program easier, at least I think it would. We haven’t tried it to see for certain.

That’s our money-saving FREEBIE for today. If you come across any other online resources and/or services available for FREE, they can be shared in future money-saving FREEBIE posts by submitting the website name and/or URL via email to amothersrewards@gmail.com.

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