Passionate Exuberance for God!

Latin style worship music fills the air as dear Peruvian saints of God dance before Him with exuberance. Here and there causcasian believers dot the service. Among them is my daughter, Miss Mustard Seed. I never before realized this, but my sweet girl is white, very, very, white; yet she isn't fair skinned. The rich coloring of the believers in Peru causes my girl to shine out brightly. How beautiful it is as believers from two different countries worship together. All of them are delighted to be dancing before the Lord. Seeing it on the computer screen fills my eyes and my throat with liquid joy.

When the same liquid joy overwhelmed me at the blessings of God overtaking me yesterday, Mighty MOG (man of God) asked "Why are you crying Mama?". "Not all tears are sad son. Some are good. They are because of God's goodness." I gently answered. Rolling his eyes and sighing large my overly wise four-year-old informed me that he knew that. He ought to. He lives with me. Mighty MOG had just wondered why looking at newly potted fern plants caused the watery evidence of happiness to come.

How do I explain it to him? How do I put into words what goes so far beyond telling? Is there a way to adequately describe the joy that floods my heart and spills out of my eyes when I see the abundance of God, even if it is only in my reproducing houseplants? How does one explain that after years of hard when it seemed as if everything in our lives was dying or breaking down that the sight of living and increase looses a flood of gratitude? That seeing true worship being given to the One I have devoted my entire being to causes delight too great for speech to spill out of my eyes; it is a flood that can't help but overflow. I don't think a person can share those experiences in words.

To me, some things are felt too deep for telling. Be that as it may, I'm going to try. I'm going to do my best to put into words the deeply felt gratitude and thankfulness. If it is possible, my words are going to dance and praise God with as much exuberance and joy as my girl and the saints in Peru. I don't know how, but I am DEFINITELY going to try. Would you like to join me? Would you like to break out of the well-behaved box and praise the Lord with everything you've got? Come on! Let's let every part of our lives dance before Him with unspeakable joy!

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