Popsicles for Summer!!!

Last year, this post came at the tail end of summer. Thought it might be a good one to revisit at the beginning this year. A way to get our fun on, so to speak. Making popsicles is one of those things that ought to happen at least once every summer, don't you think? Mocha-frappuccino popsicles sounds like the perfect way to start. Maybe these would be a good treat to welcome home Miss Mustard Seed when she gets home from Peru in a week and a half. She left today. If she comes to mind, please pray. If I come to mind, please pray for me too. This sending one of my rewards
to another country far away is harder than this mama thought. Thank You for thinking of us both!
In Christ,
Blessed Mama

http://www.curlygirlkitchen.com/2012/08/mocha-frappuccino-popsicles.html This blog is for those who enjoy good eats. Delicious sounding recipes, beautiful photography, and homey commentary combine into one of the most refreshing blogs I've read in a long, long time. Realness seeps out of Curly Girl Kitchen creating an image that makes one long to get home and fix supper for the ones we love.

Today's recipe for Mocha Frappucino popsicles is the only recipe that has gotten me to remotely consider dragging out the ice cream maker. Seriously, I'm thinking these have a very real chance of showing up on the to do list tomorrow. They have even got me considering possible alternatives for the non-coffee drinkers among us. Such fun, popsicles to wind down with during these last few very hot days of summer.

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