A Little Bit About Yourself

The other evening the girls and I were guests at a "get to know you" gathering for a the new little man of a friend. One of the games found us taking colorful candy-coated chocolate candy, M & Ms, and then discovering that for every piece of candy we had to share one fact about ourselves. The final piece of candy was reserved. It was used to ask the guest of honor a question about herself. Easy peasy, right? Uhm, no. It was as easy as could be to come up with facts about my children, my husband, but me? That's right. It took more effort than one might think. And that final question for the guest of honor!!! That one was downright HARD.

Of course, as it goes, after the gathering, facts came to mind in abundance. Why does it work that way anyway? Since I had some more facts running around my noggin', I thought it might be fun to have our own version of the game here at Abundance. Here's how we'll play. I'll share a few facts about myself and ask you a question. You answer the question and share a few facts about yourself in a comment. We'll keep on playing as long as we want.

Alright. Here are my first facts:

  1. I am a woman.
  2. I am in my forties.
  3. I have one husband. 
  4. He is my first, and only, husband.
  5. We have been married 23 years.
  6. Seven children have been born to our union.
  7. I graduated from high school in 1989.
  8. I attended one year of college.
  9. I have caught my hair on fire - twice.
  10. I have worked for two newspapers.
  11. I have written sports stories for one of the papers.
  12. I started babysitting when in the fourth grade - the mothers thought I was older:)
  13. I have worked at a McDonald's. 
  14. I have worked as a janitor's assistant.
  15. I was an elementary school music teacher.
  16. I was a piano teacher.
  17. I have been paid with milk; one of the families paid for piano lessons with fresh milk from their milk cows.
  18. Motherhood is my career of choice.
  19. When I was 12 years old, my "dream husband" was a cattle rancher who lived in a log cabin in the mountains and smoked a pipe. 
  20. I married my "dream husband" minus the cabin, mountains, and pipe.
  21. I am very thankful my real life husband doesn't smoke a pipe.
  22. I have a dream/vision of providing A Place of Refuge for God's people. 
  23. I have moved at least seven times since being married.
  24. At age 27, I had four children.
  25. My seventh child was born when I was 41.
  26. I took piano lessons for at least 10 years. 
  27. I would practice one hour every day during the last two years of lessons.
  28. If my dad was the only one home, I would practice worship choruses for most of the practice and my classical pieces just enough to say that I did.
  29. I liked it when my dad was the only one home during piano practice.
  30. I know pig latin. 

What is the fact about you that very few, if anyone, knows?

Looking forward to reading your facts and answers. I shared the same amount of facts that I had to share at the gathering the other evening. The reason I had so many to share is because that I just couldn't make myself take some of the candy pieces out of my cup and hide or eat them like almost every one else did. That good girl thing will get a person sometimes. Not of This World did eat some of hers, but her "good girl" just about went crazy. LOL. 

The girls and I had so many laughs about that one. Giggles played too. She had filled her cup up and at the wise suggestion of the woman beside her ate most of the candy. After all, how many facts does a seven-year-old have? Intentionally leaving only the amount of candy she had facts for plus a question, Giggles politely and clearly shared her facts and asked her question. The friend who had suggested she eat some of her candy remarked that Giggles was so composed and put together with her facts and question that she was a "hard act to follow". 

Don't concern yourself with being composed or put together. No one will know one way or the other from your comment. Let's all just have fun and share just a little bit about ourselves.

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Staci said...

My family owns a violin, piano, keyboard, 5 guitars, 2 trumpets, a clarinet, a trombone, and two harmonicas......we have learned how to play 2 of those---the clarinet and trumpet! All others are on our 'someday we want to learn' list.