Is It Truly Spring?

 It feels like Spring! Smells like it too! Even though there is still ice on the lake, the water spiders are out in the puddles and the birds are beginning to arrive for their Spring/Summer stay. Prairie Chickens are booming. Finches fill the willows. The solitude of Winter is giving way to the symphony of Spring.

While the birds are setting up housekeeping in the willows and the meadow grasses, Spring cleaning is getting ready to commence inside my house. Earlier, I can't remember when, my glass dishsoap bottle fell over and broke. Not having any other glass bottles and completely unwilling to go back to the dreaded plastic container it came in, cupboard and cabinets doors were opened in haste to find a substitute.

As soon as my eyes swept over this clean empty rootbeer bottle I scooped it out of the cabinet. My heart was beating happy as I contemplated how unexpected this was for me to use something fun like this. Happy surges trilled out the joyous song known only to mothers who delight in breaking out of the expected box children like their mothers to stay in. My children were surprised that I used dear Mr. Rootbeer even though this was the exact sort of use he had been saved for. (Yes, I do name objects. I know it is silly, and I do it anyway. Sometimes silly is fun.) I try to keep this habit to myself as much as possible though. No sense giving the children more reason to wonder about their mother. Is there?

The pour spout is the one from the broken bottle. Only the glass bottle had been broken in the fall. While not as beautiful as its predecessor, Mr. Rootbeer is perfect for a house full of children. Looking so masculine and fun, he takes turns with Mr. Birchbeer who is made of clear glass instead of the brown. Until I find a better replacement, these two fun-loving gentlemen are the perfect fill-ins. That pot of basil reminds me it's time to get some going for this year's garden. The tomatoes, onions, and peppers love the company of basil.

Warm, fresh breezes see jackets replacing winter coats. Faces are less serious, and children are like birds freed from their cage as they joyously play out of doors. Even Victorious Man of God is learning to play outside. The following pictures are idea photos found at Pinterest. They say Spring so perfectly with their freshness. Don't you think?

Simply charming

Sweetly refreshing

I want this by my lake!!! Seriously I do.

Summer is calling, but before I can answer it's call, Spring gets to be enjoyed first. New calves are making appearances each day. Something about new life chokes me up every time. It just gets me every. single. time. What a beautiful life my wonderful Lord has created me to live. To Him be ALL the honor, glory, power, and praise, forever and ever, Amen.

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