Spring Cleaning

Pictures to help us remember that colors bright and fresh are coming, even as we face the many tasks of Spring. And...yes, often we have to make a mess to clean one. 

Here at Abundance House we are getting outside on the warmer days and making lists of those spots to get put away before all of those warm days we will want to be outside are here. 

Some of the early Spring tasks on our list are:

  • Sort magazines
  • Donate/give away good magazines
  • Box up too little clothes
  • Give away Giggles outgrown clothes, the ones that are nice enough to give away
  • Sort through Victorious Man's outgrown baby clothes. Box up what we are saving and give the rest away. 
  • Make repairs on furniture/toys/etc.
  • Repot plants that need repotting.
  • Plant herbs
  • Find homes for extra aloe plants.
  • Purge belongings. Keep only what we love, need, and use. 
  • Purge items in medicine cabinet.
  • Restock medicine cabinet as needed.
  • Plan quick and easy meals for Spring/Summer.
  • Create some artwork for the back bath
  • Reassess the effectiveness of our home. How is it working for us during the current season? Are any changes needed? 
  • Make needed changes from above assessment.
  • Make landscaping plans. 

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