Hello blog world! I know I haven't posted a really, really long time so let me introduce myself again:) I am Not of This World and I am Blessed Mama's oldest child :)

So what is this post about? Well, several days ago Blessed Mama posted a post called A Little Bit About Yourself  and this is in response to that post!

At the end of the post Blessed Mama left a question so I will answer that first then I will put a list about myself.

What is the fact about you that very few, if anyone, knows?

When I was two years old I had cosmetic surgery. Yes, when I was two! On my nose. The reason for the surgery was because I got between our dog and his food. Don't ever do that! Well, anyway inside my nose was torn completely off of my face . The doctor did a good job though and you can't really tell.

Okay, now for the list!

  • I'm a single, white, female-yes the song is going around in my head right now:)
  • I cry when I am mad way more than when I am sad.  Then I get mad at myself for crying when mad and that makes me cry even more.
  • I was home schooled for all but 3 1/2 years.
  • I attended a private christian school for 1 1/2 years
  • I like to can - with both a pressure cooker and a water bath canner
  • I am the righteousness of God and a joint heir with Jesus
  • I have never broken any bones
  • I like to read-a lot
  • I love to have my neck and shoulders rubbed - just ask my family :)
  • More often than not I order cheeseburger and fries when eating out.
  • I know how to pour cement and a lot of other things for building a house :)
  • I can drive a pay loader-with no brakes!
  • I can drive a tractor and rake hay and stack bales.
  • I love red lipstick
  • I want to someday own a pair of perfectly fitting red stilettos
  • I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl- but can get most anything down if necessary
  • Although I do like steamed broccoli a lot too
  •  I am a perfectionist
  • I love jigsaw puzzles-the harder the better
  • I shoot and hunt
  • I learned to drive when I was 10
  • I can remember things from when I was 1 years old
  • Most of my friends are my mom's age and older
  • My "good ideas and projects" are overflowing my desk and under my bed
  • I am the official lawn mower
  • I can blow air out of the corner of one of my eyes sometimes
  • I love overalls
There it is! My list!

Not of this World

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