Hoping I don't go on too much about two small boys playing together, but well, in my defense, I haven't ever had boys one right after the other before, only girls. For 15 years, we were a one son surrounded by daughters house. The birth of Mighty Man of God five years ago changed Colonel Redeemed's only son status; that was interesting. Victorious Man of God's arrival last year, however, has created the newest of new dynamics, brothers together. This is new.

Those seasoned mothers of only sons like my mother-in-love and friend Cowboy Mommy will wonder what on earth has me so fascinated about two brothers together. Dear mamas whose houses ooze masculinity and rock with the vibrations of wrestling testosterone may think I lost a little something when the baby was born last year, but I'm too enthralled watching these boys of mine fall more in love with each other, in a totally brotherly boy way, to notice.

Maybe my immense interest in this phenomenon of brother after brother is because one brother is all I have ever known. I don't know. What I do know is that watching these two men in the making as they get to know one another is like nothing I have ever seen before. Have they really only been together not quite one year? In less than one year Victorious Man of God already gets sad when his older brothers are sick and can't play? He already cries for them when they leave the house and celebrates their returns with the wild antics and crows known only to the smallest children.

Just now he and Mighty Man of God were sitting on the bed side by side. Like one unit both of them bent forward and looked at the same thing with absolutely no verbal communication whatsoever. No verbal communication is definitely a foreign concept for the majority of females. Nothing was said, not even a grunt. Ah, yes, the grunt. What is the grunt thing? Is this too a peculiarity of the male gender? How do they know what each grunt means anyway? Does anyone know besides another man?

My favorite boy thing? The twinkle in the eye, that sparkling twinkle that strikes out and makes me smile, no matter how hard I try not to. Is there anything like that twinkle? Not that my girls don't have their own captivating version. They most decidedly do. A little girl's sparkling eyes are like experiencing a blast of sun bursting through and chasing away every storm-filled sky. Nothing warms and cheers like the dancing sparkles shining bright from little and big girl eyes. If girl eyes sparkle sunshine then boy eyes must surely zip lightning, lightning that zings forth and makes me smile silly.

At this exact moment, however, the twinkle in Mighty Man of God's eyes is not a render mama powerless lightning zinging forth sort of twinkle. It is a "I led Victorious Man of God into the back bathroom and shut him in while innocently asking where the baby is." sort of twinkle. It is the sort of twinkle that this post is NOT about, the sort that makes me shake my head as I have him go get his brother out of the bathroom. That being the case, mama is off here. Brothers should not be left alone any longer than this.

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