A New Book and A Study

Tomorrow is the final day of Passover 2014. Though new to our family, the celebration of Passover isn't new to  God. It is a feast He established years ago. It is a remember and tell to your children forever God feast.

Jesus celebrated Passover. Passover 2014 is one of note. It is not only the Passover that coincides with a blood moon, it is a jubilee year. A number of ministers and scholars have written works explaining the blood moons and the significance of them falling on Jewish feast days. Having listened to several programs sharing information on this, Abundance House is highly recommending a study of this to all who will hear and see. The NASA website has detailed scientific information on lunar eclipses to further enhance such a study.

Gathering the scientific facts is a highly interesting study in and of itself. Combining with it the correlation between major events in history and the correlation of the feasts and WOW!!! it's enough to start a researching frenzy. Well, if a certain mother didn't refrain herself and make herself stay on task for the day. Ha.

Thankfully there are children to keep me from getting researcher's computer head. There are also children to share my findings with. Yes, Abundance House is a house that loves to learn; it is also a house that shares and discusses around the meal table, in the middle of a television show, in the pickup while checking cattle, while walking, on the porch, when and where ever more than one of us are at the moment. Which is precisely why the arrival and reading of a book by Wendy Alec sharing visions from Heaven has started a marathon of mealtime discussions.

Wendy Alec's book will definitely set the religious on their ear, ruffle their feathers, get their dander up, you add the appropriate phrase. It definitely makes one think, not once or twice but repeatedly deep and sincere. Abundance House rates this book as : highly recommended.

For those wanting to dig further into the study of the blood moons, Jewish Feasts, etc., here are some of the authors who have studied and written on the topic. These are just a few of the ones we have seen or heard of: Mark Blitz, John Haggee, Larry and Tiz Huch,  and Perry Stone. Each of these individuals have either books or DVD teaching series referring to this subject. An internet search of the author's name will provide links to their materials. Mark Blitz and Larry and Tiz Huch, being Jewish, are able to provide rich perspective and insight. As mentioned before, the use of NASA's facts further enhances this study.

That's it for new reads and studies here at Abundance House! Calving and wrapping up the school year are keeping us all hopping.

Reminding us all that God loves us,
I am Abundantly Blessed in Him

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