Gathering for Tea Time

Tea time is that eagerly anticipated, often longed for, time of the day when everyone around stops what they are doing and gathers for a snack. It isn't the snack. Though that is usually needed by late afternoon. Nor is it the drink, though that too is refreshing. Lace, china, and linens while fun are not necessary either. Stopping and gathering is what makes tea time so dear.
If tea time isn't part of your family's daily rhythm, there is truly no time like the present to begin. Like our family, you may find the short break to relaxedly chat while nibbling a little bit of something delish becoming one of the favorite moments each day. We don't have a local tea room to meet at, but thanks to internet, we can visit and share our favorite tea time snacks and moments with each other.
Welcome to Tea Time! The kettle is singing a song of joy, the snack plates are waiting to hold tidbits of yummy while colorful cups anticipate the beverage they will coddle, be it tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or something else entirely. Our ears are listening for the knock signalling your arrival. Our arms and hearts are spread wide thankful you are coming to share you with us. Thank you for sharing you. You are a great treasure dearly loved and prized by God. He delights in you, and so do we. No matter whether you come to the back door or the front, the door is always open. Please stop in. Even if only for a quick little hug hello.
Recipes are shared freely during tea time. They are like friends, both new and old. If you have any to add, feel free to leave a comment below. Perhaps you have an entire conversation to begin. Articles and visits sent to amothersrewards@gmail.com will be welcomed and published free of charge. Now let's fill our hearts with cheer and our cups with tea. It is, after all, tea time.
Will you meet us here for Tea Time? 

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