Diggin' Into New Habits

Cold weather and snowstorms have found us digging in and staying closer to the fire, again. Even though the calendar says it is spring, the temperatures haven't yet caught up. Seeds are in front of the windows after having been planted in their flats. Everyone is growing strong for their late spring/early summer planting. There really isn't anything else to do for garden and lawn care until the temperatures warm up and the snow is gone. What should I do until then? Hmmm.

I think that maybe I should take a few minutes and write down exactly what plants I started, which variety I used, and the date they were begun. Maybe I could even add a few notes as to why I chose the variety I did etc. When fall arrives I can then jot down information on performance and results of each item. That way, when seed catalogs arrive next year I will know exactly what I do or do not want to plant using this year's written memos.

Written notes. A few minutes taken to quickly jot down information this year has the potential to relieve some unnecessary stress next year. A little bit of stress eliminated here coupled with another bit there adds up to a whole lotta stress G.O.N.E. That is a huge step forward towards intentional living. Of course this jotting down of information would be bunches more enjoyable if it were done into a special little gardening notebook or a uniquely designed homebinder page. Another project to enjoy while we dig in closer to the fire. Those beautiful snowflakes are looking more friendly all of the time.

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