Passover, Remembering

Abundance House has been learning more about certain feasts that God has established to be celebrated forever, feasts and seasons that are very important to Him. Also about how there are certain times aka seasons that one doesn't show up before God empty-handed, there is to be an offering. This has been such an interesting, enlightening, exciting time of learning for our family. It has also been a longer season of learning than others. Since learning has occurred bit by bit each year, every year finds an increase in understanding taking place as well. That being said, it still feels as if there is much to learn concerning God's feasts and times.

Passover is next week. Passover is a time to bring an offering before God. It is also a time to remember...to remember...how the world and all in it need to remember. To remember the deliverance God provided for the Jews from slavery in Egypt. To remember the deliverance God provided, through Jesus, from slavery to sin and death. To remember the many deliverances God has provided His people throughout the ages. To remember and never forget.

Rain is falling here on the ranch this morning. Rain, a beautiful, moisturizing  spring rain. As the sun shines through the dark clouds, I am remembering. Remembering the drought and thanking God for the rain. Remembering winter's frigid cold and thanking Him for the warmth of sunshine. Remembering years of empty and thanking Him for days of full.

Deliverance wears different faces but true deliverance, the saving kind, only comes through Jesus, the Passover Lamb, the once and for all sacrifice, the One whose death bought my freedom. Remembering and thanking God for Jesus. For Jesus is the greatest offering ever given and poured out.  

What are you remembering this day?

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