Right Up My Alley

Convenient, economical, time-saving how we adore adjectives such as these! Huge thanks go out to my brother for passing on a link to Mom On A Mission blog. This blog contains exactly the kind of info. I delight in passing on to my readers. I could have taken the idea and recreated it to be my own, but why do that when it has already been done so perfectly? Here’s the link: http://momonamission.me/ . Drop in for a visit and experience the blessings for yourself. This is a seriously great resource filled with recipes, instructions, and tips galore! Have a desire to feed your family well yet still spend quality time together? You’ll learn how right here at: http://momonamission.me/.

Just a quick side note: the use of a microwave is instructed in the recipes on the Mom On a Mission blog. Not being a microwave fan, I do recommend adapting recipes so that healthier cooking options can be used. While time-saving, microwaves completely zap food of any nutritional value. Once cooked or warmed in a microwave, there is literally no nutrition left in the food. However, I'm not going to take the time to discuss all of the specifics on this right now. Time will still be saved, even if more traditional cooking methods are used. If adapting recipes/instructions seems like too much work, still visit the site. There are plenty of recipes using the slow cooker, grill, stovetop, and oven to try.

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