Enjoying Daily Pleasures

Several times during the past several months I have been asked about how our family saves money. More than one person has wondered how we feed and clothe six children at today’s prices. Recently I was struck by the knowledge that many people really, truly need the information and tips my family and I have been using. It was truly one of those “a ha!” light bulb type moments. Just because my family and I have been living a life of simple abundance for years doesn’t mean everyone else has. Hello, that is why Not of This World and I began the Living Large on Less blog in the first place.

Changes and challenges have taken place throughout the lifespan of our family’s blogs. At the birth of the blogs, a new generation of homemakers were devoting themselves wholly to bettering the environment. What was once a trendy fad of “going green” has quickly been replaced by an all out effort towards survival for many families across our nation, even the world. Talk of impending doom and worldwide disasters, once topics reserved for conspiracy theorists and kooks, is now commonplace. Entire blogs, television shows, and grass-roots movements are devoted to preparation for when not if scenarios of horrific destruction and financial collapse.

Whatever the situation any of us find ourselves in, Abundance blog still longs to be a reliable source of money-saving information that has not only been tested and tried, but found to contribute to the abundant life God desires for each one of us. Money-saving, time-saving, life-giving tips, techniques, and practices will continue to find their way to Abundance. Hopefully, they will have more pictures includedJ

Now, please excuse me. I must run. Mighty Man of God, Giggle, and I have a birthday party to attend. That brings us to our tip for today:

“Don’t ignore the simple pleasures of daily life.”

Yes, the world is changing at an alarmingly rapid pace. Disaster, destruction, and war looms large. The only thing I can do about that right now, at this exact moment, is to be completely intentional. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know that right now, today, two of my children and I have been given the opportunity to celebrate the first year of a miracle boy’s life, and celebrate we will. Because I don’t know what the next moment will bring my way I am training myself to live each one fully alive, fully in Him who gives me life.

Side Note: Giggle and Mighty Man of God haven’t ever been to the birthday party of a small friend. They are over the top excited, and I relearned NOT to tell small children about special events too early. *smile*

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