What Time Is It?

Just for fun, we're going to play a game, a guessing game!  The picture of the clock gives us the question. The question is: What time is it here at Abundance? Do you know? Please leave your answer in a comment. The game ends Saturday evening at 6p.m. CST. Every correct answer will receive a FREE cookbook. Cookbooks will vary 
Cowboys have their spurs on - must be doing some riding

The roses are in bloom

Pies are being made


Deborah said...

Branding time!

MOM said...

8:52 a.m. If the other pictures are taken about the same time, it looks like the sun is in the east. Your house always looks like fun.

Blessed Mama said...

Hi Deborah! Thank you for responding. If you will email me your address at amothersrewards@gmail.com, I'll get a cookbook in the mail. Thanks again for leaving a comment! I appreciate it so much!

Blessed Mama said...

Hi Mom!Thank you for leaving an answer. I didn't mean an exact time. Sorry I wasn't clear on that. It was branding time. Thank you for commenting. Please don't stop. Out of the few comments I receive, you are probably the number one commenter. You and Tim. Love you!