A Pot of Green Sitting in the Windowsill

Here's a bit of green freshness for your Monday morning. It's spreading its scent on every breeze. Can you smell it? It's headed your way just because sometimes we all need to live as simply as this pot of grass. This bit of fresh green is spreading out everywhere for all the world to see. It doesn't know or care that it is living in a hand me down container or that compared to the great lawns of the world it is but a speck. This grass just does what it was created to do. It grows. Nothing more, definitely nothing less. It will, however, eventually outgrow its current home. If we, the caretakers, don't transplant it, it will die. Yet, even in this, it doesn't fret. The grass is completely reliant upon its caretakers. The longer I sit here thinking about this lovely spot of green, the more I realize I have much to learn from it. Growing where I am, relying completely on my Caretaker, not comparing myself to others, yes, there is much for me to learn. Intentional, purposeful, focused abundance, all in one bright spot of green. Thank You, God, for this sweet little pot of grass. Thank You also for teaching me with it. I love You so. Amen.

If you are interested in how to grow your own pot of grass, here is how the one in the picture was grown: fill selected container with potting soil~sprinkle grass seeds on top of soil~ mist lightly with water~place in sunny location~ keep soil and seeds moist until growth begins~ enjoy the bright freshness the grass brings to a room, water and trim as needed.Once grass begins to outgrow the container, it can be added to compost or transplanted to a bare spot in the lawn/garden.

Our family has grown several containers of grass throughout the years. It is one of our favorite springtime things to do. We have used a variety of containers, both large and small, including baskets which we hid easter eggs in. Growing grass inside is easy, fun, and relatively inexpensive. Any variety of grass seed will work. We purchase the least expensive available, but any will do. This is perfectly suited for children. They delight in watching the seeds sprout and grass grow. Watering and caring for the growing grass teaches responsibility, and oh how they thrill at being able to "cut the lawn" at trimming time!

NOTE: For those not wanting to or able to purchase grass seed at a store, grass seed can be gathered from nature. Uncut grass will go to seed naturally; the seeds can then be collected from the tops of the blades. A small corner of the lawn can be allowed to grow and seed out, or seed can be gathered from other sources. Receiving permission prior to gathering seeds from other properties is always recommended.

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