Wedding Gifts, What to Give?

Wedding season is fast approaching. Find yourself wanting to give the new couple a nice gift that doesn't look cheap but really is? Need something for a bridal shower but don't want to give the same ole, same ole? I think most people have been there. Hopefully, some of these ideas will help.
  • Office/bookwork type supplies in a file box: stapler, address labels, sticky notes, paper clips, tape, etc.
  • Using online sources, print out free forms for a household binder. Create a household binder by placing the forms, dividers, and clear page protectors in a binder that coordinates with the new couple's color scheme. The new binder could also be included in the above gift box.
  • Gather or make a variety of sauces and toppings for ice cream sundaes. Don't forget a can of whipped topping and jar of cherries! Arrange the sundae makings in a pretty box, basket, or other container of choice. Fun sundae dishes, an ice cream scoop, and even an ice cream maker can be included.
  • Create a "night in" bag filled with the ingredients for a fun evening at home. Possible items to include might be: massage oil, candles, a deck of cards for the married version of poker or any other card game(That is ALL I am saying about the married version of card games. Further information can be found elsewhere.), a CD of romantic music purchased on sale or created personally by the giver.
  • A clothes basket or other container filled with household essentials new homemakers might not consider. This might be the perfect place to stick a repurposed glass jar of homemade laundry detergent. A small notebook/booklet of recipes for household cleaners/tips, along with a bag of clothespins would really round out the gift. Don't forget to include matching water guns for impromptu water fights. Every couple needs those:)
  • Common cooking and/or medicinal herbs/plants accompanied by a booklet with instructions and recipes for their use would be both practical and attractive. Basil, oregano, and sage together inside of a colander with a jar of homemade pasta sauce and/or pasta is one possibility.
  • Recipes for family favorite dishes, cleaners, money-saving tips, and/or genealogy information and pictures can be gathered together in a variety of ways. There are so many ideas that it is really difficult to share them all - even on a blog. Ideas abound online, save time and money by gleaning from the experiences and ideas of others.
  • a "fan" box containing shirts, caps, glasses, and/or other paraphenelia of the couple's favorite sports team.
  • season tickets to an activity the couple particularly enjoys - opera, symphony, sporting event, swimming pool, movie theatre, etc.
OK, now I am ready to give, give, give! The above ideas are in a post concerning wedding gifts, but many, if not all, of them can be adapted to fit any occasion. Several of them would make thoughtful gifts for graduates as well. Housewarmings, baby showers, even birthdays and anniversaries. Maybe, buzzing around here and there during the crazy busyness of spring and early summer, our very own families need a gift that says "I Love You." Giving...of ourselves...intentionally, purposefully, abundantly. The journey continues on.

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