Wiggly, Giggly...to the Full

My bed was full of giggly, wiggly bodies this morning. My rational mind was telling me that we ought to be out and about performing our daily tasks, but my heart was screaming to enjoy the moments to the full. When all is said and done and time has gone on to another season of living, it won't be the schooling or the daily tasks I recall. The memories that flood over me will be of those moments when I dared to relax for a bit and enjoyed the moments to the full. Mornings when the bed was full of fun, love, and laughter.

Almost immediately my thoughts were back at the ladies' Encounter of the past weekend. I was hearing the leader's voice encouraging us to spend time at the feet of Jesus. Whoosh! the realization that Jesus loves the wiggly, giggly moments I spend with Him even more than I enjoy those spent with my children washed over me like a torrent. God treasures those moments that I curl up beside Him and just "be" with Him. Oh how I ran to His feet and plopped down when I realized it pleases Him so! Won't you hop in this wiggly, giggly moment and spend time at His feet too?

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