Thankful for Opportunities and Cold Brew Coffee

It's a happy, happy day! The sun is shining, some lettuce and spinach have been planted, the porch is being washed off, and children are acting as if they are tired. Tired children? And I'm happy? That's right! I am happy because these rewards (see Psalm 127:3) of mine are providing me with so much hands on practice of walking in the love of God. Seriously, they are.

Being disciplined, calm, and gentle, yet wise, are things I really need to work on. Today I am being handed one opportunity after the other to do just that. Praise the Lord! These light and momentary afflictions and troubles are producing a great weight of glory in my life. See 2 Corinthian 4:17

All in all, it has been a productive day, in spite of whining, fighting, disagreeing, etc. Unpleasantness has now been replaced by peaceful play. It is amazing what a little snack followed by snuggling with sweet kittens can do to make a day better, for all of us. Those not allergic to cats anyway:)

Do you hear that? It's the sound of a sprinkler. There is the fresh smell of summer's warmth floating in on the breeze too. Before I hustle outside to enjoy every second, I just have to stop and give thanks for the opportunities He provides for me to walk more closely to Him.

One More Thing! I found a recipe for Cold Brew Coffee and tried it last week. Just had to share it with you. Truthfully, I thought I already had but couldn't see it anywhere in the archives so...here it is:

8 C. water
1 C. ground coffee

Put together in non-metal container, cover, and place in refrigerator. Allow to sit overnight. Strain mixture through coffee filter lined strainer. Return coffee liquid to refrigerator. Coffee can now be used in iced coffee and other specialty coffee drinks.

cold brew coffee
milk - can use sweetened condensed milk if splurging
sugar or other sweetener to taste - omit if using sweetened condensed milk
chocolate syrup, flavorings, optional

Fill drinking glass - a quart jar works perfectly - with approx. 1/4 C. milk. It is really hard to give exact amounts as I eyeball the entire process. Sorry. If adding sweetener or flavorings, add now. Fill glass with ice. Add cold brew coffee until glass is full. Combine and enjoy!

same as iced coffee except froth milk before adding ice and coffee

*To turn any of the above recipes into mochas, add chocolate syrup to taste

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