A Good Boy

Yesterday I wrote about the best dog ever. It only makes logical sense to follow that conversation up with talk about a good boy. Doesn't it? Don't dogs and boys go together? I think they do. Then again, I think dogs go together with just about anyone who loves them.

Right after I hit the publish button, here came Mighty Man of God, age four. He announced that he was hungry. No surprise there. He often is. He asked me if he could make himself a sandwich. Uh-huh, the mama radars clicked on for sure at that one. After inquiring as to what kind of sandwich he wished to make, I found out that he wanted to make one like he had for supper the previous evening. We had hamburgers for supper. Hmmm, think mama. Think fast. Bingo! I remembered that there had been one hamburger left. Would he be interested in that one? He was! Yes! Now if only every answer could bring such satisfaction to both he and I. How pleasant the atmosphere of our home would be.

However, anyone who has spent anytime at all around a family knows that not every answer a parent gives produces a pleasant response from the child. Yes, sometimes the best answer, the wisest answer is not the one a child wants to hear. Like a child, sometimes the best answer, the wisest answer isn't the one I want to hear either. Hmmm, what sort of an example am I for my children? How do I respond to those answers I don't want? What sort of life am I living before them? Am I teaching them to be responsible, respectful people by my actions and words?  Do my responses reveal a healthy way to live? Or am I teaching them to be selfish, shallow individuals totally, completely centered on themselves and not others? God forbid! May it not be so.

Dear Lord, may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight my Lord my Strength and my Redeemer. (Psalm 19:14)

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