A Visit to Sugar Pie Farmhouse

Have you visited Sugar Pie Farmhouse blog yet? Aunt Ruthie is waiting for your visit with open arms. Her southern sweetness will soothe over winter's harshness and inspire with the wonder of creating a loving, godly home. God is using her words to draw me back into focus so that my view of homemaking is being renewed into the joy He meant it to be.

Busyness, reality, sometimes this duo can warp our perspective and get a person offtrack a bit. Sometimes we forget our heart's song. That's when God sends along an Aunt Ruthie. He uses her honey laced words to catch our attention and stir up a memory of a forgotten melody still playing deep inside. Wonderings as to when did I quit thinking like this? When did this turn into a chore? Where did I lose the joy, the satisfaction? How long has it been since I felt joy and happiness in this? These wonderings wake one up and stir up longings to not only return but to find even greater joy in the journey.

Homemaking, creating a home, a haven in the middle of a hard world, yes, the ears of my heart hear the familiar strains of lovely music wafting through. It's a familiar song, one I know I'm meant to sing. What about you? What song is it that you are meant to sing yet only your heart remembers? Be aware. God is bringing an Aunt Ruthie your way.

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