A New Recipe - Delish!

Here is a new favorite recipe! Best of all...it is good for me! Happy Dance! I like it some because it is healthy. Not only that, it also provides me with a bread alternative that is more blood sugar friendly, important when improving health. Those who have gluten allergies or sensitivities will get their happy dance on because there isn't any gluten in it, and it is bread! I like it most because it is yummy!

OK, time for me to throw in a bit description for you of texture, flavor, etc. This bread is a pan bread. It is quite similar in texture to a really, really, good pancake. Personally, I find the flavor superior. Sweet or savory options can be made making this bread extremely versatile for use in sandwiches, as pancakes, as snacks, or a base for a favorite healthy protein-rich spread. (Had to throw the protein-rich in there. We don't want to do only carbohydrates without including protein.) Ingredients are not exotic or difficult to find. Neither are the ingredients many; they are minimal. Beginning cooks will find this simple to prepare. I plan on teaching Giggle, age 6, how to mix this up. I won't have her cook it yet as she isn't quite confident enough to use a griddle or hot pan. You will have to take the word of the recipe about the bread making great sandwiches. Our bread never made it past the taking it out of the skillet stage. Yes, we all liked it very much. 

Here it is:
Trim Healthy Pan Bread - and this is all I can give you because I don't want to break any copyright laws.

So sorry for getting everyone excited to read a new recipe and not delivering. I actually had the recipe all typed out when I started getting these little thoughts about how it would be wrong to share it without permission from the authors and other copyright issues. So...the best I can do is tell you that
the recipe in discussion was taken from the Trim Healthy Mama book by Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett. The book is described as a common sense guide to satisfy your cravings and energize your life. It definitely has been an informative read and is filled to the brim with recipes and tips for putting fads aside and reclaiming a healthy me. There is a recipe for a Fat Stripping Frappe that I know we would all enjoy. You can get the recipe for this yummy looking frappe and many other mouth-watering healthy treats out of your book when you get it. Believe me, you want to get this book. Your family wants you to get this book. You want yourself to get this book more than you can imagine. It covers way more than recipes and getting trim. Waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more.

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