Vital Necessity

Praying in song. Yesterday, when I was typing the words to Psalm 19:14, they started coming out in song. It was a song yet a prayer too. Over and over the words took wing to heaven as the song was sung over and over again. One verse, one song, one prayer changed the rest of the day. There was a sweet strong power in that prayer. Whether it came from the Words of scripture themselves or through the use of song I don't know. Maybe it the was the combination of both. I just know that singing scripture in prayer creates an atmosphere of sweet communion like nothing else I have experienced.

Somehow I sense that experiencing the sweet, strengthening presence of the Living God is going to happen more often and through new ways in the coming year. I feel as if believers and followers of Jesus Christ can be encouraged to expect, even eagerly look forward to, deeper more intimate communion with Him. No longer will His presence seem overwhelming but sweetly necessary. Psalm 27:8 AMP immediately comes to mind. It speaks of requiring His presence as my vital need.

His presence is a vital need. How I pray that every moment of every day is lived in this vital necessity. Here comes the song again "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight My Lord My Strength and My Redeemer"

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