Horsegirl is the oldest girl in the house this week. Well, technically, it won't actually be this week by the time this is read, but when I am writing it is this week. Anyway...the other two girls are working in town this week, and Horsegirl is carrying the torch of eldest daughter for a few days. As you can well imagine, in a larger family everyone has to pitch in and help just to keep the house running. We aren't necessarily talking about running smoothly here, just running at all.

Horsegirl has done amazing things this week! She has been such a blessing to the family! Talk about rising to the occasion. Wow! Greatest blessing of it all? She does almost everything on her own, without being asked or told! Seriously, she does. Willing obedience is always a treasure but unasked for help, that's priceless value. Now don't worry. Horsegirl is a real 13-year-old. We're not talking perfection. We're thanking God for the rich, rich blessings He is sending our family through her. Abundance being manifested in the flesh!

As a mother I always hope and pray that my children are adequately prepared for the future, whatever it may look like. Sometimes, when everyone is together it is difficult to accurately assess individual children. After all, it really doesn't make much sense to exert energy when an older sibling will get tired of waiting and just take care of it themselves, does it? Also, if you know that someone older than you will tell you how you "should have" done such and such, why do anything at all, right? Yes, individual effort can be affected by various personality mixes. That's why I mix and match certain skill sets for a more complete, harmonious whole aka a quieter home.

Everyone being home all together brings a comforting warmth to the home. However, I also
appreciate and value the time each child has to be themselves more fully, with less sibling interference. It provides invaluable insight for me as a mother. The best and greatest parental blessing of all is the extra time Horsegirl and I have been able to spend together. Being number four, those one on one times tend to be few and far in between. It's been said before. It will be said again, many times. I am one Blessed Mama! And I am giving thanks for the blessings of a godly daughter.

"When our sons shall be as plants grown large in their youth and our daughters as sculptured corner pillars hewn like those of a palace;" Psalm 144:12

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