Hey There! It's super windy outside. Want to come inside and chat? Great! Just a second, I have to get Victorious Man of God out of the pantry. He's probably going after the marshmallows. Oh, guess not. He got some dogfood out for our sweet ole dog. Well, that's better than throwing toy arrows at him. Those two are funny together.

Anyway...where were we? Can't remember? Neither can I. Haha. Oh yeah. Church. Lately, well, longer than lately, I've been thinking about church. What does God's idea of church look like? Not man's thoughts and beliefs about it, God's. Wanting to know God's idea of church, I have been paying extra close attention to scriptures that mention the church, especially those that reference the early church and what it looked like. Have you ever done that? Thought about how the first church and the church of today differ? Or how they are alike?

Until the past couple of years I hadn't devoted much thought to the subject, some but not much. Now, however, I am experiencing a hunger rising up within. This is a hunger of desire. This particular desire is not born of the flesh, but rather this hungry longing is of the spirit. Deep within is an aching desire to gather together in the name of Jesus and worship Him in spirit and in truth with brothers and sisters in Christ who too long to be united through God's love. More than ever I want to gather with other Christians, not to go to church but rather to be the church.

I'm done with getting up on a certain day, traveling to a specific building, singing some songs, and hearing a message that is just like so many I have already heard then traveling back home to go through the week just like every other week before. I want More. More thanking Him. More praising Him. More fruit of the Spirit. More God. More Jesus. More Holy Spirit. More miracles. More giving. More healing. More testifying of God's goodness. More being. More unity. More of the Gospel, it is good news. And less. I also ache for less. Less me. Less doing. Less clockwatching. Less going through the actions. Less religious observance. Less flesh. Less human intellect. Less world viewpoint. Less personal opinion. Less hurting. Less talk of the devil's badness. Less complaining. Less taking. Less being proud of less. Less churchy-ness. Just less of this earth and more of God, all God.

Please don't misunderstand. I am not complaining about how church currently is. I am merely attempting to express this longing that seems to grow with every passing day. New wine in new wineskins is something mentioned in the Bible. Maybe that is what I am hungry for? Maybe something else. All I know is that this hunger will not be denied much longer. Soon, very soon, it will demand to be met. What about you? Do you find yourself hungry for more, and less, all at the same time? Is there a deepseated longing rising up within you that longs to be His hands and feet every day, not only on Sunday? Is there a song of worship bubbling up out of your belly? Is there a Holy roar rising up on the inside of you? Are you sensing the call from the Father to a life of greater? Greater because He is the One in control instead of you?

Yes? You aren't the only one. Neither am I. More than one person I have visited with lately is experiencing it too. More, we are SO hungry for more, and less. Maybe we'll pray together? Pray that together in Him we rise up and allow His Holy voice to roar out of us in a glorious wave of healing, loving power straight from the throne of God. Shall we? Shall we unite our hearts together in Him and allow Him to be and do any and everything He desires? Good! Let's do!

In Jesus' name,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House blog

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