Sitting Here With You. Just That.

Hi. Been a long week already? Me too, in some ways. In other ways it has flown by. Everywhere a person turns lately they come in contact with another someone who is hurting, someone who is lonely, someone who is struggling just to make it through this very moment. What do we do when a whole world full of hurt surrounds us? What do we say? How do we help? Aren't these the age old questions? They have been for me. An interview I read this morning helped me answer some of these questions. Maybe it will help you too: http://www.chattingatthesky.com/2014/10/09/leeana-tankersley/#comment-587850.

Can't resist it. I've got to stop and watch these three youngest rewards of mine getting themselves ready to gather eggs. Now for the parade of hens that will pass by the window following them. Oh how sweet it is to be loved by God. Daily moments like these are true treasures for the soul for sure. And if anyone doesn't believe in miracles, they haven't watched a six-year-old Man of God swing a bucket of chicken scraps around on his way out the door without losing any of the contents. I'm serious here. There is no way those kitchen scraps should have stayed in that bucket. No. physical. way. All of this, even buckets of scraps being swung in little boy haste is a treasure of love, a present straight from God. May I never forget to tell Him "Thank You".

The egg hunters have returned with their bounty! A tale of a visiting turkey hen joins the daily number of eggs report. Our roving turkey friend Gertrude appears to have returned. I wonder if she will like having new hen friends to chat with during her stay? A family or two of swans have stopped for rest and refreshment on their fall migration route. They along with ducks provided real live nature observation for learning this morning.

Thankful for God's gifts each day,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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