300 Times

299 times I have clicked the publish button on this blog. 299 times that will become 300 at the end of this visit. With the click of a button, 300 times my words will have gone out over the internet, around the world for anyone who wants to read them. That is humbling in the extreme.

Last year we began a journey of giving thanks. It was a counting of the gifts given to us by God. This year we accept the challenge of a Joy Dare as we begin anew to count 1,000 gifts in a journey of thanks. Will you join us? Will you accept the Joy Dare offered at www.aholyexperience.com ? All who desire to live fully - right where they are please come along with us and join us every Monday as we count our way to giving thanks always, in all things.

JOY Dare - January 16, Three Ways I Witnessed Happiness Today:
  1. a small girl's twirling and swirling around the room as she sings praises to the Lord
  2. mischievous twinkles in the eyes and contagious giggles of a little brother
  3. gladness in a voice on the phone

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