The Delight of Writing a Blog

I am still laughing, will probably be laughing and shaking my head for a while. How on earth do I get myself into these situations?

 Abundance is a blog dedicated to living a fully abundant life using less financial resources. The latest post on stock tank bathtubs seemed to have misled readers. For that, I sincerely apologize. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of clarifying the article's intent.

Yesterday's post about the stock tank bathtub was just a money-saving idea shared in a post. It was an idea that intrigued me. Please note that every idea that saves money and is shared on the blog will not necessarily find its way into our home.

While writing, I paid careful attention to the wording to avoid this very misunderstanding, apparently not careful enough. LOL.  I already have a bathtub. The article was written because it was something I found interesting and thought might be helpful to others. As a matter of fact, I liked it well enough to place it in my ever expanding idea file for those occasions I might need a cool idea like that to share with someone. After all, one never knows when a really great idea like that might be needed.

My Beloved's internet search for fixtures was conducted for another bathroom task he was working on, not for me and the stock tank bathtub. I just remembered the information he learned when writing the article. While writing I was considering every aspect that might be of interest to a reader and trying to include that information in the post.

Bathroom fixtures, tubs, and pipe have been all the rage around our house for several weeks now as My Beloved has been finishing up some bathroom projects. I forgot that my readers wouldn't already have plumbing and bathroom-oriented topics on their brain as I do. Therefore, I didn't provide as much clarification as I should have. Come on, can't you read my mind? hahaha. Once more, I sincerely apologize for any misunderstandings. Thank you for your continued support of Abundance.

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MOM said...

I thought it sounded like a cool idea. I loved the pictures you provided. I would probably have to have a step ladder to get in however. LOL