I'm Still Human - Is That Being Real?

Being real. Heard about that yet this year? It seems as if everywhere I look, there it is staring me in the face. Can't help but smile each time. I think maybe I'm actually getting the message that this being real is pretty important, maybe even essential, to possess a life of quality and depth.

One of the most difficult aspects of being real God has been teaching me about is admitting what hurts. I have spent my entire life thinking that admitting or talking about what hurts is the same thing as whining, and we all know that whining is ugly. No one likes a whiner. So this crazy wrong idea morphed into this even more wrong process of thought that said getting hurt is wrong. That because it is no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me I shouldn't hurt. After all, it isn't me anymore, it is Christ. See how deceptive the enemy is? He takes a bit of the truth, adds his twisted lies, and ties a person in knots if they aren't careful. Guess that's why God tells us in the Bible to be alert for satan roams around like a lion seeking whom he may devour. Imagine that! God knows what He is talking about! (Please excuse the sarcasm. It was directed towards myself.)

Anyway, I received Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman for a Christmas gift. After reading it, I was able to see I'm not alone and there is a deep need for "good girls" to break free from all of the lies the devil has us wrapped up in and live fully in God's grace. If somewhere along this journey towards being real I'm on, you find yourself being drawn towards realness, find a copy of Grace for the Good Girl. You won't find a gentler, more gracious host than the author Emily Freeman. This girl can write, and she does so in such a loving, gentle way. If you have an extra minute, or two, consider dropping by her blog, Chatting At The Sky. You will be blessed for Emily Freeman is real.


Tim said...

Just went back and read a bunch of post I have missed. I so appriciate your writing. Love you, keep up the good work.

Blessed Mama said...

Thank you.