Facebook, Friend or Foe?

Because this is a blog devoted to living abundantly no matter how little or vast one's financial resources, we'll try to keep our visit along those lines of thought. OK, here's what I've been thinking and wondering about lately: facebook, going paperless, and what extravagance truly is. How is that for random? In my mental wanderings all of these tie together beautifully. Does that frighten you? LOL.

First off, I've been considering this entire Facebook thing because it seems as if everyone is talking about it. Some are rabidly opposed while others are just as intensely in favor. Seriously. There are people out there who no longer converse with some of their lifelong friends simply because said friends aren't on Facebook and vice versa! Isn't that bizarre? If you have been shunned because you're not on or because you are on Facebook, here is a hug along with a gentle love whack on the noggin' for surrounding yourself with such shallow friends your entire life. Honestly, one true, honest to goodness friend for life is better than a bunch who only know how to play on their own terms and in their own backyard.

I do still wonder about a few things though. Maybe we are talking and conversing with friends and family more frequently while on Facebook, but are these conversations quality? Are they really, truly adding more to our lives than they are removing? Thinking time spent on daily tasks and away from family here. As with most things, one probably receives what one puts into it. With all of the busyness, can the rest of our life spare the time? Balance, always balance. I do have to say, if the only reason people are now (or maybe they are not) part of your life is because you are/are not on Facebook, that's not real love. Real love seeks you out, Facebook or no.

Whew! Going paperless and the true meaning of extravagance are topics for another time. I'm sure today's conversation has gotten enough people riled up for one day. If you are among the "riled up", please know that was not my intent. These are just personal thinkings shared; that is all. Just so everyone knows, I am a non-Facebooker who sits back observing the entire thing with wonder. I am not rabidly for or against. Everyone makes their own choices. I have made mine and am at peace conerning it. That being said, I do miss my friends who no longer visit with me via email (or anything else) because they only Facebook now. Love 'em still. Just miss the chats. Yes, I gave myself a gentle love whack on the noggin' too:)

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MOM said...

We had a repairman for our computer tells us that he wishes everyone would get off of facebook as there are a lot of people doing viruses through the computer on facebook.