Free ebook!!!

Hey There! I have just come from Amazon. While there, I was able to download a FREE, that's right FREE Kindle book that was on my books to get "someday" list. I am SO excited about this. Why? Well, obviously because I am now able to read a book that I was wanting to read FOR FREE. Mostly I am excited because I just found out that I can download a Kindle PC app FOR FREE that enables me to download Kindle books to my PC. I don't have to own a Kindle to get Kindle books! Zippity Doo Da Zippity Day, My oh my what a wonderful day! Free books, I think that's two more gifts to add to the list of thanks we began yesterday.
#4 - free Kindle books that download to PC
#5 - free ebooks from Google ebookstore
Did you read number 5 up there? That's right! More free books! The books from Google can be printed out, if desired. Those interested in an excellent mathematics series will definitely want to visit the google ebookstore. Ebooks of the Ray's Arithmetic series are freely available as are a number of the McGuffey series.
Seriously, Ray's Arithmetics may be the most interesting mathematics books I have ever seen. Originally they were created with pioneer families in mind. Their quality is exceptional and their information is much more usable than the dry textbooks of today. Who knew? Math and Algebra actually have a purpose!  After reading through a sample of one of the Ray's books, my high school senior was wishing he could go back several years and start over with books such as these. Finally, a math series that works for Colonel Redeemed. That would have to be #6 on the list of gifts. 
#6 - a math curriculum for Colonel Redeemed
Alas dear friends, I had planned to stay and chat about the free Kindle version book I downloaded today, but Mighty Man of God is in need of his mama's love. It is time for a snack I think. Until tomorrow, we'll all keep living the lives we've been given intentionally and fully in Him.

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