Survivalist, Who Me?

Thanks to My Beloved, a new source of ideas for abundant living using less financial resources came across my radar a while back. Realizing that many readers, like myself, may not be aware of this information source, I decided to share.

Blogdom, blogland, whatever you want to call this big, wide world of blogs, is a rich source for money-saving ideas. The source I’m going to share about dwells within this limitless expanse of blogdom. Survivalist blogs. Yes, survivalist blogs. I DO NOT want to get into a debate, or even a minor discussion, as to whether a global disaster is, or is not, going to occur. Period.

I DO want to tell how these blogs dedicated to survival and self-sufficiency are amazing sources of information. These blogs are filled to overflowing with practical, easy to implement information about increasing productivity and decreasing financial output in our lives. As with any source of information, a reader needs to be able to sort and sift through tips that don’t apply to his or her specific situation. It also pays to remember that not every blog is equal. If the first survivalist blog you visit doesn’t provide useable tips, don’t lump the rest of them in with the first and quit. Give another one a go and just see if you don’t uncover at least one useable nugget to use. That’s where I discovered the tip for growing celery ends in water. (future post - with pictures)

growing celery at home

At least one of the survivalist blogs provides opportunities for its readers to earn prizes for their writings. Real, practical prizes that a person can actually use. I should probably stick a little note in here that these blogs are nothing if not practical. If you are anticipating a cushy, culturally acceptable site to scan through, well, uhmm, how do I say this? They aren’t. If talk of a worldwide disaster disturbs you, you will be disturbed. If, however, you are able to read without judging, there is much useful information to gather and glean from. Speaking of gathering and gleaning, there are articles about that too. Survivalist blogs help us not only survive but thrive, abundantly.

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